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What I Think?

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As per Budha, Vivekanand and Tagore, the ultimate goal of life is to Celebrate Every Moment! This is how I believe, live and inspire people. Let's keep on spreading it.

My Journey

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I has been a stunning journey so far, I have been raised up in a vedic family and army background where values, discipline and administration become a part of my DNA.

My Career

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It has been a journey of more than thirty years. Currently working as Founder, CEO & Consultant at Rapid Service Providers (RSP) and Rapid Entertainment & Education World (RENEW).

My Education

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1986 Commerce Graduate, 1995 MBA Sales & Marketing, double NLP degree holder, following P.HD in Growth Management, Train the Trainer course by T-Harv. Eker.




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1. I make people aware about fire protection and safety at work, home and in public at Rapid Service Providers

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2. I inspire and make strategy for people through my counselling, talks and courses at Rapid Entertainment and Education World

What I do in Fire Protection

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1. We help people in identifying their needs about fire protection and safety solutions.
2. We supply all products related to fire protection, personal protection and road safety.
3. We do maintenance of all installations related to fire safety.
4. We conduct audits, trainings, drills.

What i do through
my trainings & development

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1. I work with committed entrepreneurs for their peak performance.
2. I work with employees and entrepreneurs for their better and faster productivity.
3. I work with corporates to convert ordinary into extraordinary.
4. I make strategy for individual entrepreneurs, professionals with a hand-holding system on yearly basis.


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